SASL Screws Mail Admins (AGAIN)

It seems that the SASL developers are still hard at work *censored*ing things up. Well, actually, I don’t think they have to work very hard at it. It seems to come natural to them.

After upgrading the SASL libraries on my email server, SMTP authentication is refusing to work.

I found a few tidbits of information, but no fixes.

I found this email that says I have to grab a cvs snapshot. They have GOT TO BE KIDDING! Sadly, they are not. Time to replace some project managers and developers here. They obviously haven’t a clue what they are doing.

Over here, I found another clue as to what is going on. A poor email server admin trying to un*censored* the SASL team’s problems.

But for now, we wait, watch, and hope a fix is forthcoming from these bozos.


Here’s the smtpd.conf I used to get the lastest (2.1.18) SASL working!

pwcheck_method: auxprop
#auxprop_plugin: mysql
sql_engine: mysql
sql_user: sqlusername
sql_passwd: sqlpassword
sql_hostnames: sqlserver
sql_database: sqldatabase
sql_statement: select password from mailbox where username = ‘%u@%r’
sql_verbose: true
mech_list: plain login