Updated script to scan linux servers for viruses.

#!/bin/bash ### Test log with Infected files #LOGFILE=”/var/log/clamav/malware_detected.log”; LOGFILE=”/var/log/clamav/clamav-$(/bin/date +’%Y-%m-%d’).log”; EMAIL_TO=””; # Need to build an email header to know which system is scanned. # Gmail gateway is overwriting from line when it forwards the email. HEADER_OS_LEVEL=”$(/bin/uname -a)”; HEADER_DATE=”$(/bin/date)”; > /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log /usr/bin/freshclam ### Test clamscan #/usr/bin/clamscan -ri /root/* > “$LOGFILE”; /usr/bin/clamscan -ri –exclude-dir=/sys/* / > “$LOGFILE”; # get the value of “Infected lines” MALWARE=$(/bin/cat “$LOGFILE” | /bin/grep Infected | /usr/bin/cut -d” ” -f3); # if the value is not equal to zero, send an email with the log file attached if [ “$MALWARE” -ne “0” ];then /bin/echo ” ” > /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo “OS: $HEADER_OS_LEVEL” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo “Date: $HEADER_DATE” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo ” ” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo “Freshclam Status:” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/cat /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo ” ” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/echo “Log File: $LOGFILE” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/cat “$LOGFILE” >> /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG; /bin/cat /var/log/clamav/EMAIL.MSG | /usr/bin/mail -s “ClamAV Alert” “$EMAIL_TO”; fi exit 0