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Freelancer Released!

As any fan of Privateer (1 or 2) knows, Freelancer was finally released! Not quite the game promised, but it’s still loads of fun. I’ve also setup an Internet accessible server called Zulu System (why do most servers add crazy characters trying to be first on the listings? I sort by ping :).

You can also add it by editing the properties of your shortcut and adding
‘’ without the quotes.

NOTE: Server has since been shutdown!

Win32 Perl

Actually did my first win32 perl script at work today. What a pita that can be when you are changing from *n?x perl. Most of the problems I encountered were editor issues. Guess I should have just gotten vi for Windows and been done with it.

# First we’ll change into the directory passed in the command line
$workdirectory = @ARGV[0];
#print (“$workdirectory\n”);
chdir (“$workdirectory”) || die “cannot cd to $workdirectory”;

# Lets get a numeric date for use in naming the zip files
$insanedate = `date /t`;
# print $insanedate;
$insanedate =~ /.*?(\d{2})\/(\d{2})\/(\d{4})/;
$sanedate = “$1$2$3”;
# print “$sanedate\n”;

Inspiron 2650 + FreeBSD

Just slapped together a little how-to on getting FreeBSD installed on a Dell Laptop. As always, comments are welcome. This is the first interation of this how-to, so if you see anything wrong, have a suggestion or whatever, please post a comment!

1. Boot FreeBSD CD
a. At Booting [Kernel] in 10 seconds; hit space
b. At OK type boot -c
c. At config> eisa 0
d. At config> quit

2. Install FreeBSD minimal set
a. Install ports collection
b. Install kernel sources

If you need assistance with the install of FreeBSD,

Staying on top of your ports, the easy way

I submitted this over at Soup’s but I’m such a literary genius, I thought I would put it here too:

A lot of people try to claim various things are the “mother of invention”, but as ?n*x or ?BSD admins, we know the truth. And that truth is…. LAZINESS. Yep, if it weren’t for lazy admins, we wouldn’t have half of the automation scripts we have today. This affliction is what finally forced me to learn some Perl.