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FreeNAS Debian UPS Specs

Initially the UPS was being monitored by a FreeNAS installation, this was changed due to performance issues unrelated to the UPS monitoring software. Details on the migration are still being compiled, meanwhile, read this.

How come I feel there was a lot of time wasted?!

Here are the readings from the UPS. I am disappointed that it is not reporting battery voltage, but at least I am getting % charged.


The FQDN will be re-directed to our backup stratum 2 server during a short maintenance window from 1700 – 2000 CDT US.

ntp pool clients should see no interruption in services. However, this means that will be providing a stratum 2 time source while the gps is offline. **

Stratum 1 services are expected to resume at, or before, 2000 CST.

During maintenance we will be making final adjustments to the GPS system before going “live”.

** A second stratum 1 server will be coming online Q2 2008 to avoid the stratum bump in the future.

Bind9: Master Only

Configuration for a master only DNS server.

1. WILL NOT answer queries
2. WILL NOT forward queries
3. WILL NOT perform recursion
4. WILL allow transfers from specified slaves

Zone and configuration files are backed up disk to disk via rsync.

Single point editing of our name space.

Single point of failure. If server is lost, updates to DNS cannot be made until another master is brought online.

options {
directory “/etc”;
pid-file “/var/run/”;
version “Windows 3.11”;
allow-query {“none”; };
allow-recursion {“none”; };
notify yes;
also-notify {
allow-transfer {