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As you may have noticed, the site has migrated from Drupal to WordPress.

Please bear with us while we finish implementing all the features of the old site.

Thank You.

6/08 Outage

Apparently we had a power failure today that my UPS wasn’t quick enough to take over for.

Everything is back up and running.

One database was corrupted but we were able restore it from this morning’s backup.
Backups will be more frequent during storm season.

Drupal Issue

We are currently experiencing an issue with editing account information.
The problem is being researched and status will be provided when information is available.

The following sites are affected:

D4rk Theme Issues

New Drupal theme issues:

(FIXED)1. Text – Links Too dark. The gray is a couple shades too dark for it’s background color.

(FIXED)2. Text – Black text, in text entry areas, is too dark. (search box)

(FIXED)3. Spacing – Spacing on articles and blocks.
There needs to be a CR between the controls of an article teaser and the title of the next.
In blocks, there needs to be a CR at the end.

(MOSTLY)4. Preview – white text on white background. Mostly fixed. You can now see the body but some fields, like author, still have some white text on white background. Comment preview works fine however.