Freelancer: Planet/Station Codes

br01_01_base = Planet New London
br01_03_base = Battleship Suffolk
br01_08_base = Trafalgar Base
br02_03_base = Sheffield Station
br02_04_base = Liverpool Border Station
br03_01_base = Planet Cambridge
br04_01_base = Planet Leeds
br04_03_base = Battleship York
br05_01_base = Battleship Hood
br05_04_base = Battleship Essex
br05_05_base = Arranmore Base

bw02_01_base = Cadiz Base
bw03_01_base = Freistadt Base
bw06_01_base = Planet Kurile
bw10_01_base = Planet Harris

ew03_01_base = Leon Base
ew04_01_base = Freeport 9
ew06_01_base = Planet Primus (Hehe, this is THE planet of the Apes)
ew06_02_base = Planet Gammu (Robot planet?)

hi01_01_base = Planet Malta
hi02_01_base = Planet Crete


usage: passbox [action]

Passbox – command line password manager utility


add-field Update an existing entry to add additional fields to
delete Remove an entry from the password database
get Get a particular password entry by it’s name
generate Generate a new random password
new Prompt to create a new passbox entry
remove-field Update an existing entry to remove additional fields
search Search the password database for a particular string, returns all matching entries
update Update an existing entry in the password database

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