Partitioning in Windows 7

Needed to remove junk from a USB thumb drive. Google search yielded a nice find at

1) Type “DISKPART” from the Command Prompt (accessible by clicking on Start and then typing “cmd” into the open field); you will then see the following prompt: DISKPART>

2) Type “LIST DISK” to see what number your USB drive is listed as.

3) Type “SELECT DISK 2” (if your USB is disk 2; replace # with your disk #); Diskpart will confirm that “Disk 2 is now the select disk.”

Xcompile RPI Kernel on Debian

Building an RPI 3.6.11 kernel with PPS support on GPIO pin 24.

Straight forward instructions with no BS and no fancy crap.

PSA: To people writing how-to’s, keep your shiny Linux CLI kung-fu on your resume and off your blog.

If you are interested in compiling a custom kernel for other reasons just skip/replace the PPS specific junk below.

Install Debian.

Add Emdebian to sources.list:

# Xcompile Toolchain
deb squeeze main

Install the packages we need:

apt-get install emdebian-archive-keyring
apt-get install gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi

Create directories for your build:

mkdir /admin
mount /admin


Largely sucks. This is a pic of a clean install. Welcome Admin!
And it will force you to move your photos.

Note that the image of the Gallery3 install is hosted on a Gallery2 site.

Search Protect by conduit Malware/Junk/Shit/PitA

I recently found this on a laptop and had to remove it.
Even removing the app using the normal windows method leaves all kinds of junk, not the least of which is their shitastic search engine redirect to Bing, but also leaves a registry entry for Cltmng.exe to start at boot.

Basically this software installs a useless toolbar (aren’t they all?) and hijacks your default search engine.

I was able to finally remove it from the startup by using CCleaner from Piriform. Get Defraggler while you are there too. Great software.

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