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Adding disk to AIX 5L (SAN)

Quick step-by-step for when I am forgetting things:

hostname:root> cfgmgr
Discover disks

hostname:root> lspv
Note whether SAN is HDLM (Hitachi) or VPATH (Shark)
Note hdisk# or vpath#
Should also report disks, in VGs and otherwise

hostname:root> lsvg -l VGname
Note which VG a filesystem is in

hostname:root> smitty lvm
>> Volume Groups
>> Add a Data Path Volume to a Volume Group (Shark)
>> Force the creation of a volume group? no (Leave Default)
>> * VOLUME GROUP name (F4 to list volume groups)
>> * PHYSICAL VOLUME names (F4 to list available volumes)

AIX: Committing Software

1. smit
Software Installation and Maintenance
Software Maintenance and Utilities
Commit Applied Software Updates (Remove Saved Files)
SOFTWARE name [all]
PREVIEW only? (commit operation will NOT occur) yes
COMMIT requisites? yes
EXTEND file systems if space needed? yes
DETAILED output? yes
2. Check output of preview for FAIL, correct any found
3. Change:

PREVIEW only? (commit operation will NOT occur) yes
PREVIEW only? (commit operation will NOT occur) no

4. Re-run commit