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STSE Supercluster

I’ve spent the last few months picking at a FreeBSD clustering project. Well, with some help from BSDHound and the Central Iowa Linux Users Group (CIALUG), it’s finally complete.

I clustered 4 Pentium 133s running FreeBSD 5.1-Release using LAM-MPI for the messaging interface and Ganglia for the monitoring. You can view the statistics here, but you must be registered and signed-in to do so (the pages are fairly graphic intensive).

I believe there will be a clustering How-To posted to BSDHound.com in the future, and if it is, I will be sure to post and update here.

Fixing fstab Problems in FreeBSD

I made a bad decision that resulted in a non-bootable (to single user only) FreeBSD system. Now I realize that no one really cares what kind of jam I’m in, just like I don’t normally care what kind they are in. But when you have to sit through some ‘open sourcer’ stroke his own ego with the “I know something or where to find it, and you dont. I know its a simple question to answer quickly, but Im just gonna post tidbits of a manpage out of context” attitude, it really irritates me.