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Search Protect by conduit Malware/Junk/Shit/PitA

I recently found this on a laptop and had to remove it.
Even removing the app using the normal windows method leaves all kinds of junk, not the least of which is their shitastic search engine redirect to Bing, but also leaves a registry entry for Cltmng.exe to start at boot.

Basically this software installs a useless toolbar (aren’t they all?) and hijacks your default search engine.

I was able to finally remove it from the startup by using CCleaner from Piriform. Get Defraggler while you are there too. Great software.

Inspiron 2650 + FreeBSD

Just slapped together a little how-to on getting FreeBSD installed on a Dell Laptop. As always, comments are welcome. This is the first interation of this how-to, so if you see anything wrong, have a suggestion or whatever, please post a comment!

1. Boot FreeBSD CD
a. At Booting [Kernel] in 10 seconds; hit space
b. At OK type boot -c
c. At config> eisa 0
d. At config> quit

2. Install FreeBSD minimal set
a. Install ports collection
b. Install kernel sources

If you need assistance with the install of FreeBSD,
visit http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/install.html