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Debian NAS

I wanted a centralized home storage system that could feed all my other toys. Data stored on this will include MySQL datafiles, our MP3 collection, website directories and all our receipts printed out in PDF format (Yay! CutePDF) among other things. And so the fun began…

I did some test installs of various “turnkey” solutions such as Openfiler.

Openfiler just didn’t seem stable enough. Arrays would claim to have faulty drives and start rebuilding the arrays at the strangest times. Only to find out, via 3rd party tools, that the drive was fine. The web interface was ok but I would have organized it differently. Minus that, Openfiler has a lot of potential.

PPTP VPN server using MPD-Netgraph

Currently, I am testing a few different vpn solutions to secure my wireless network at home. This is just the barebones steps I went through to get MPD setup and running for Windows XP clients.

mpd-netgraph setup:

I followed the suggestions in the following urls:

Background Info:

10.x.x.0/24 was my internal network was my wireless cloud

1. System specs:

Celeron 333
4GB Harddisk
2 NICs

The rest really doesn’t matter.

2. Install FreeBSD:

minimal + kern developer install

kernel compile:


qmail Toaster Recovery

Ok, here is another one that was specifically geared to my setup, but I thought it may help someone else out in a pinch. I lost the motherboard for my web/email server due to that “capacitor problem”. What follows is how I got everything back up and functional. The server consisted of Apache and qmail, plus various other odds and ends. Another item to note is that this is a FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE system, linux admins change settings accordingly.

First, I get the basics on there so I have network connectivity and the tools I use to make everything go smoothly, not to mention there are some security issues involved.

Inspiron 2650 + FreeBSD

Just slapped together a little how-to on getting FreeBSD installed on a Dell Laptop. As always, comments are welcome. This is the first interation of this how-to, so if you see anything wrong, have a suggestion or whatever, please post a comment!

1. Boot FreeBSD CD
a. At Booting [Kernel] in 10 seconds; hit space
b. At OK type boot -c
c. At config> eisa 0
d. At config> quit

2. Install FreeBSD minimal set
a. Install ports collection
b. Install kernel sources

If you need assistance with the install of FreeBSD,
visit http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/install.html

Staying on top of your ports, the easy way

I submitted this over at Soup’s BSDHound.com but I’m such a literary genius, I thought I would put it here too:

A lot of people try to claim various things are the “mother of invention”, but as ?n*x or ?BSD admins, we know the truth. And that truth is…. LAZINESS. Yep, if it weren’t for lazy admins, we wouldn’t have half of the automation scripts we have today. This affliction is what finally forced me to learn some Perl.