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Partitioning in Windows 7

Needed to remove junk from a USB thumb drive. Google search yielded a nice find at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/219693/unable-to-format-usb-stick-to-full-capacity/

1) Type “DISKPART” from the Command Prompt (accessible by clicking on Start and then typing “cmd” into the open field); you will then see the following prompt: DISKPART>

2) Type “LIST DISK” to see what number your USB drive is listed as.

3) Type “SELECT DISK 2” (if your USB is disk 2; replace # with your disk #); Diskpart will confirm that “Disk 2 is now the select disk.”

FreeNAS Debian UPS Specs

Initially the UPS was being monitored by a FreeNAS installation, this was changed due to performance issues unrelated to the UPS monitoring software. Details on the migration are still being compiled, meanwhile, read this.

How come I feel there was a lot of time wasted?!

Here are the readings from the UPS. I am disappointed that it is not reporting battery voltage, but at least I am getting % charged.

HTC Sync Issue when VMware is Installed

HTC Sync fails to recognize the phone when a VMware virtual machine is running.

This is because the VMware USB Controller default setting is to “Automatically connect new USB devices” to the virtual machine. When this is done the phone is connected as a drive which does not allow syncing.

To avoid this behavior, just un-check the selection box and reboot the virtual machine.

Mounting Jumpdrives in FreeBSD

After my fiasco trying to get FBSD to auto mount when the jumpdrive was inserted, I ended up just creating a little perl script to take care of it for now (being finals week and all). It’s not much and does absolutely no error checking, but if anyone has any suggestions, they are more than welcome.

Keep in mind, you must have the proper settings active in your kernel for this to work.

Here it is:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

Fixing fstab Problems in FreeBSD

I made a bad decision that resulted in a non-bootable (to single user only) FreeBSD system. Now I realize that no one really cares what kind of jam I’m in, just like I don’t normally care what kind they are in. But when you have to sit through some ‘open sourcer’ stroke his own ego with the “I know something or where to find it, and you dont. I know its a simple question to answer quickly, but Im just gonna post tidbits of a manpage out of context” attitude, it really irritates me.