FreeNAS Debian UPS Specs

Initially the UPS was being monitored by a FreeNAS installation, this was changed due to performance issues unrelated to the UPS monitoring software. Details on the migration are still being compiled, meanwhile, read this.

How come I feel there was a lot of time wasted?!

Here are the readings from the UPS. I am disappointed that it is not reporting battery voltage, but at least I am getting % charged.

battery.charge: 100                     Battery charge (percent of full)
battery.charge.low: 28			Remaining battery level when UPS switches to LB (%) powerpanel			Driver name
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2	
driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS0	Serial or USB port
driver.version: 2.2.2			Driver version - NUT release		
driver.version.internal: 0.23		Internal driver version
input.frequency: 60.3			Input line frequency (Hz)		
input.frequency.nominal: 60		Nominal input line frequency (Hz)
input.transfer.high: 145		High voltage transfer point (V)
input.transfer.low: 90			Low voltage transfer point (V)
input.voltage: 123			Input voltage (V)
input.voltage.nominal: 120		Nominal input voltage (V)
output.voltage: 0			Output voltage (V)
output.voltage.nominal: 120		Nominal output voltage (V)
ups.beeper.status: enabled		UPS beeper status
ups.delay.shutdown: 0			Shutdown with delay command (seconds)
ups.delay.start: 45			Wait before (re)starting (seconds)
ups.firmware: 5.100			UPS firmware
ups.load: 46				Load on UPS (percent of full)
ups.mfr: CyberPower			UPS manufacturer
ups.model: OP1500			UPS model
ups.serial: [unknown]			UPS serial number
ups.status: OL				UPS status
ups.temperature: 35.3			UPS temperature (degrees C)

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