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VZ HTC Incredible Bypass Activation

1. Select emergency call and dial ##778.
2. Select edit and enter service password 000000.
3. Select NAM Settings.
4. Change Mobile Directory number to 0000000000 (Ten digits).
5. Change MIN1 to 0000000 (Seven digits).
6. Change Mobile Country Code to 000 (Three digits).
7. Tap Menu and commit changes.
8. The phone will auto reboot in 10 seconds.

I modified step 7 to be more clear from a forum post at:

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3 thoughts on “VZ HTC Incredible Bypass Activation

  1. Please provide us the clear instruction how Mobile Directory Number can be changed?

  2. cant change the Mobile Directory Number for my HTC Droid Incredible. How am I going to change it? Its the only one that cannot be change…please help

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