Fucking w/ TinyDNS

Getting the serial number/change date for a domain on an authoritative server.

nameserver:/root # tinydns-get soa domain.com
6 domain.com:
193 bytes, 1+1+3+3 records, response, authoritative, noerror
query: 6 domain.com
answer: domain.com 60 SOA ns1.domain.com domain.com 2012043001 10800 3600 604800 3600
authority: domain.com 60 NS ns1.domain.com
authority: domain.com 60 NS ns2.domain.com
authority: domain.com 60 NS ns3.domain.com

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TS3 Server Create New Token

  1. Start any telnet client – you can use e.g. PuTTy
  2. Connect to your Teamspeak 3 server IP using Telnet on port 10011
  3. Login using command login serveradmin yOuR_nEwP@ssw0rdpassword in command is the same as the one you set for your serveradmin previously
    1. Select your Teamspeak server instance (if you have only one just this would be your default: use 1 and hit enter
    2. Now it’s time to generate new privilege key, for that use following command:tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0
  4. That will return you token, which you can copy and paste in Teamspeak 3 client under Permissions > Use Privilege Key

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Syslog: Log Levels

0 -> emerg —-> System is unusable.
1 -> alert ——> Should be corrected immediately.
2 -> crit ——–> Failure in the system’s primary application.
3 -> err ———> An application has exceeded storage.
4 -> warning -> An error will occur if action is not taken.
5 -> notice —–> Events that are unusual.
6 -> info ——–> Normal operational messages.
7 -> debug —–> Debug level logging.

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debian housekeeping

script /common/scripts/debianHK.sh


apt-get install deborphan debfoster

#apt-get remove –purge package
#apt-get clean

the later will clean the /var


will show files and libraries still left after the apt-get remove –purge, if you don’t recognize a library, keep it, later on, deborphan will give you a list of ‘orphaned’ libraries that are hanging with no use, and are safe to nuke.

if you make a mistake with debfoster, type ‘u’ and will ask you again if you want to keep it. When you are thru with it, invoke deborphan.


will give a list of libraries that are hanging just taking space, to get rid of them:

#deborphan | xargs apt-get -y remove –purge

when thru with that:

#apt-get clean

recently after a dist-ugrade to sid, it installed emacs21, i removed it, and debfoster found some files like emacsen, etc.

aptitude purge ~c
apt-get autoremove

Also you do not need the “remove” when doing apt-get remove –purge package, just apt-get purge package.

deborphan | xargs apt-get -y remove –purge

To remove all orphaned data packages run:

deborphan –guess-dev | xargs apt-get -y remove –purge

To see all the orphaned packages on your system run:

deborphan –guess-all

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