Google Maps and your Garmin on Ubuntu and Windows

Or, “Where the hell are we?!” Part 2:

I recently bought a Nuvi 255W for some business travel coming up. I didn’t want to install Map Source since I don’t plan on buying any map packs any time soon. What I found was Garmin Communicator.

Straight forward download and install.

Linux (Ubuntu):
apt-get install wine-gecko
Download Garmin Communicator
Download Firefox for Windows
Use wine to install Firefox and the Communicator plugin

Adding Waypoints:
To add waypoints using Google Maps, run the Windows version of Firefox.
Navigate to Google Maps and search for the location you want to add a waypoint for.
Click the “send” link, you should have a GPS selection now.
Select your GPS Manufacturer, in this case “Garmin”. This will send you to
At, select which GPS you want to add the waypoint to.
Click the “Send to GPS” button.

All done.

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