Adding disk to AIX 5L (SAN)

Quick step-by-step for when I am forgetting things:

hostname:root> cfgmgr
Discover disks

hostname:root> lspv
Note whether SAN is HDLM (Hitachi) or VPATH (Shark)
Note hdisk# or vpath#
Should also report disks, in VGs and otherwise

hostname:root> lsvg -l VGname
Note which VG a filesystem is in

hostname:root> smitty lvm
>> Volume Groups
>> Add a Data Path Volume to a Volume Group (Shark)
>> Force the creation of a volume group? no (Leave Default)
>> * VOLUME GROUP name (F4 to list volume groups)
>> * PHYSICAL VOLUME names (F4 to list available volumes)

(Bang Enter)
(Bang Enter to Confirm)

Wait for ‘Command: OK stdout: no stderr: no’

CTRL-C to exit smitty

hostname:root> lspv
Confirm the volumes have been added to the correct VG

hostname:root> df -g | grep filesystemNAME
Note number of GB currently in FS (2nd column)

hostname:root. smitty jfs (or jfs2)
>> Change / Show Characteristics of an Enhanced Journaled File System
>> Select the filesystem you want to extend from list
>> Unit Size 512bytes (Bang tab until it reads Gigabytes)
>> Number of units (current+requested == new value)

(Bang Enter)
Wait for ‘Command: OK stdout: no stderr: no’

If everything goes according to plan, you now have a larger filesystem.

(STOP HERE if everything worked)

If it does not … well, you may have revceived the following type of error:

0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume fslv## is 512.

Well crap …

hostname:root> lsvg -l VGname
Note the LV Name of the partition you are working with

smitty chlv
>> * LOGICAL VOLUME name (F4 to list and select)
When doing the above 1PP == 1LP. #LP * PP == maxsize

(Bang Enter)

Wait for ‘Command: OK stdout: no stderr: no’


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